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What is it?

Manama Varium is a young children's company created in 2014 and directed by Justine Marouzé with the support of Varium


For whom?

It is designed for children between 10 and 14 years old who want to deepen their learning of contemporary dance from a creative approach.

How we work?

We try to create a respectful and stimulating space to accompany each one in the development of their identity at the same time that we take special care to generate a united group that knows how to work as a team; cultivating self-esteem and respect through dance.

We try to broaden their vision of dance by going to see shows, creating several pieces a year and trying to multiply the possibilities of performances, recordings, encounters with different groups and various experiences that can be enriching.


(We adapt to the new reality complying with all the necessary health protocols.)


We work with enthusiasm and enjoying the dance !!

If you want us to find some magic in movement together, you are welcome.



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